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Les cuisines Varenna s'appeleront dorénavant Poliform

Poliform announces a significant development in the transformation of the company's brand experience.

Beginning in 2018, the Varenna kitchen division will go by the name of Poliform, demonstrating the desire to more assertively present a unique and consistent corporate identity. The name change represents a fundamental step towards the creation of a genuine Poliform experience, and platform with a strong emotional impact.

“We decided to converge into a single brand capable of best expressing the values and characteristics of a forward-thinking company” say Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani, Managing Directors of Poliform. “This is certainly a brave decision, and it is part of a larger and more ambitious transformation, which will contribute significantly towards Poliform's growth. A single strategy and a shared vision will lead us to more effective brand communication, and create important synergies. We have found in Poliform the conceptual location where past history and future merge together, capable of conveying those intangible values which make it a benchmark in the world of design. We are convinced, therefore, that the switch to a single, strong brand will ensure we achieve great benefits in terms of market coverage, improved allocation of internal resources, and incisiveness of campaigns to the benefit of all our product lines."

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